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persolog® Personality Factor Model

Understanding the logic of behavior in three days

One of the biggest challenges for personnel development is to work with people on their personalities. With certification for the persolog® Personality Model, you have in ...

16.10.2020 Online *
20.11.2020 Online *
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persolog® Stress Model

Finally dealing better with stress

The word stress originally comes from physics and means nothing but pressure. That makes sense. Because when do we have to handle stress? When we are under pressure. The ...

There are currently no dates for this seminar
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persolog®Time Management Model

Get rid of time-consuming habits easily

The persolog® Time Management Model is about using your time effectively – and how to increase the competence of your training participants. You learn how efficient your ...

21.08.2020 Online *
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persolog® Youth Profile

Education for a particular target group

Discovering oneself, finding the right way and creating the own future is probably never more exciting than as a teenager. But also, never again such a challenge. Schools and ...

There are currently no dates for this seminar
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