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The root cause of our growth

Like every successful company, persolog has an interesting history


Decades of research

The author and founder of the personality factor model, Professor Dr. John Geier, originally called his static, typing personality model with the behavioral dimensions Dominant, Initiative, Steady and Conscientious, in short D, I, S & C, the "DISC Personal Profile System".

In cooperation with persolog GmbH, he further developed his personality model into a dynamic, context- and situation-related persolog® model. The persolog® model is unique in quality worldwide because it has been repeatedly subjected to comprehensive validity and reliability tests in various languages according to international standards (Big Five) and the best results have been achieved. In 1970-1972, Professor Geier developed his new model of self-knowledge in a non-clinical context in order to strengthen the understanding of employees for each other. In the early 1970s, his profile represented a revolution in teaching. The one-sided focus on the workplace led him to further develop his personality profiles in 1990, adding descriptive, prescriptive and predictive factors to the model. In 2004, Professor Geier transferred the rights of his new concepts and products to persolog GmbH and completed his development work in cooperation with the expert team of persolog GmbH.

Today the constantly-optimised scientific persolog model, based on the original model,  forms the core of our operations. The persolog Personality Factor Model is a success story:  after five years, 600 trainers and personnel managers had already been certified to use the model. Today, almost 10,000 trainers work with the company and the number is constantly growing. Apart from the persolog Personality Factor Model, we offer many further tools for personnel and organizational development - in 17 countries, world-wide.

With the persolog brand we will meet the requirements of our increasingly international orientation, because our goal is to offer fully integrated personality development world-wide.


Unique and individual

The classics among personality models have been convincing for years with their holistic approaches, their objectivity and reliability of results, their quality, their precise and comprehensible language as well as their unrivalled price-performance ratio. They can be used wherever behavior plays a role and are particularly suitable for emotional education. The big plus: the basic model can be adapted and extended in a modular and tailor-made way to meet individual customer requirements.


Differentiated self-assessment instead of impersonal personality tests

The persolog® models are not impersonal tests in the conventional sense, but a holistic self-assessment. It analyzes one's own behaviour and shows other behavioural styles. Misunderstandings are reduced, self-doubt is reduced, understanding and communication skills are increased, so that possible conflicts cannot arise in the first place. The situational approach leads to a strengthening and targeted further development of one's own personality.