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How to Properly Coach “New” Executives

12.11.2018 Ina Rothfuß 0

You almost certainly know this situation: due to their good professional performances, employees are often offhandedly promoted to executive positions without being sufficiently prepared. However, these positions don’t just require ... Read More

Real teamwork as the recipe for success

12.11.2018 Ina Rothfuß 0

"Together, we can do this!” – How often have you heard or read statements like these by Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière over the last few months? ... Read More

Become your own time manager

12.11.2018 Ina Rothfuß 0

The day hasn‘t even started – yet it is already over. What remains is a pile of tasks. Many employees regularly experience this feeling. A lot of times, personal time-management ... Read More