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The persolog Time Management Model

Using the current status quo, youdetermine your greatest optimization potential. The persolog® Time Management Model is divided into the 4 dimensions of time management behavior and thus promotes the holistic improvement of time use:

› Evaluation How do you evaluate your use of time?

Planning How do you plan your use of time?

Realization How do you use your time?

Monitoring How do you monitor your use of time?

Create more time for yourself.

Today, the lives of many people are in the fast lane. The race against time, deadline pressure and hustle are pervasive. The fact is: fewer and fewer people suceed in spending their lives with the essentials.

Obtain a comprehensive analysis.

Time management is about your wishes, your knowledge and your skills becoming a habit. Just as you no longer have to think about braking or shifting gears when driving car, time management should make it a matter of course for you to deal with topics such as goals and priorities. This way you are prepared to resist stressful times and learn to deal with everyday life in a more time competent way.

Increase your quality of life.

Compare your time with a diamond. Either you use your time like a cruderough diamond – or you let your diamond shine. The persolog® Time Management Profile is exactly about this: using your comnpetence, your time effectively. To make diamonds shine with the time management. Just like when driving, you don’t have to think anymore when to shift gears or break. In time management, topics like delegating, setting targets and priorities should become second nature for you.

Work with research-based methods.

Dr. phil. Lana Ott and Renate Wittmann (MA/education) developed the persolog Time Management Model. It is based on the concepts of organizational and work psychology as well as on andragogic contents.

Webinar persolog Time Management – efficiently dealing with time

Do you want to deal more efficiently with the time you have at hand? You can do this quickly and comfortably online. You will reflect about your current time management with the persolog Time Management Profile Online. The online evaluation is made for you personally.

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Learning tool for the persolog Time Management Model

  • Profile: print (available in Danish, French, German and Italian) and online (available in US-English and German)