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RTEmagicC_6dd2a3ae79.jpgSelecting employees efficiently

The  persolog Employee Integrative System

Efficiently selecting employees. The persolog Employee Integrative System enables you to make an objective, transparent and target-oriented choice of personnel.

› Integrate. Match candidates and supervisors.
› Matching. Keep the requirements of the job in mind.
› Employees. Include the company culture in the process.

Improve your relations.

Develop sustainable relations by recruiting candidates that fit to you. This saves you costs caused by wrong choices and fluctuations.

Recognize the matching candidate in three steps.

Grafik_RecruitingCreate a benchmark of your expectations of the candidate.
Then your candidates fill out a questionnaire. Results will be compared in a report which indicates the suitability of the candidates.

Apply a reliable modern tool.

The persolog Employee Integrative System enables you to choose personnel online. You will soon find the candidate who can be integrated quickly and effectively.

Trust in scientific concepts.

The persolog Employee Integrative System is based on behavioral research by Prof. John G. Geier. The research team of Dr. phil. Lana Ott developed the respective tool on the basis of organizational and work psychology.

Certification for the persolog Employee Integrative System

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Tools for the persolog Employee Integrative System

The following training material is available online in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Norwegian and Polish:

  • Online questionnaire for benchmarking and applicant
  • Ranking list of the candidates
  • Online reports
  • Interview manual