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persolog® Time Management Model

Get rid of time-consuming habits easily

persolog®Time Management Model

The persolog® Time Management Model is about using your time effectively – and how to increase the competence of your training participants. You learn how efficient your time competence already is. You will understand how to plan your time correctly and what inhibited the optimal use of time. From this, strategies are developed to focus on the important things in the future and to achieve your long-term goals. Get on your way now.

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  • Learning how good your current time management is.
  • Defining areas of competence in that you can further increase your time management.
  • Developing concrete time management strategies that you can directly pass on to your employees and seminar participants.
  • Learning how time management methods can be integrated into everyday life - and how they can even be applied under stress.



  • You will receive a compact overview of the current research of time management.
  • You will receive a concrete concept for a future time management seminar that you can easily adapt to the requirements of your customers. Including a prepared set of slides, daily routine variants and a trainer's guide.


Target group

Trainers, coaches and consultants who want to be different from the conventional time management industry and offer concrete, practical and individual time management solutions.

The Certification includes

  • Facilitator manuals 1 and 2
  • Participant manual PDF to use in your training sessions.
  • EPORT account to administrate the Time Management Profile from persolog®
  • Picture your time - Cards game
  • Eisenhower's Tasks - Card Game


Your trainers

Daniel Pineda – Your persolog Trainer,

Daniel Pineda – Your persolog Trainer

Daniel has worked for the last 15 years as a consultant and facilitator in the development of soft skills. He has certified more than 300 consultants from Latin America and the United States in persolog Personality Profile in the last three years. For Daniel it has always been illogical how professional training is focused exclusively on hard skills, when soft skills are the ones that allow most people to be successful in what they do

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