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persolog® Youth Profile

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persolog® Youth Profile

Discovering oneself, finding the right way and creating the own future is probably never more exciting than as a teenager. But also, never again such a challenge. Schools and education facilities have a holistic mission for children and youngsters. This includes the spiritual, psychic and cognitive growth of young people. To satisfy these requirements, it needs programs and analytic tools for working with their personalities.

The persolog Teenager-Profile provides you a method with the target to develop the personality in a positive way. The teenagers – aged between 12 and 17 – are consequently instructed to self-reflection in 11 modules. By this, they not only discover their own strengths but also the strengths of others. Who am I? What am I able to do? And where do I want to go? But also: Why are others different? How do I deal with it? These are questions that take great influence on the growth of young people. The persolog Teenager-Profile helps answering these questions together with them. Identifying strengths, discovering wishes and goals and miniating potential for conflicts leads to a better knowledge of the own personality and a deeper insight into human personality.

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Learning targets

  • Intention and Target of the persolog® Teenager Profile
  • Getting familiar with behavioral patterns
  • Deepen the behavioral patterns
  • Options of adaption
  • Trainer knowledge of designing a seminar with the persolog® Teenager Profile



  • Becoming familiar with a model that has dozen possibilities of application in schools, apprenticeship, clubs and youth groups.
  • Finding out how to create a positive setting for teenagers while learning about their personality
  • Focusing your knowledge from the certification for the persolog® Personality Factor Model on the target group of young people.


  • We offer you numerous materials for your trainings.
  • Ordering online profiles with free access to our internet platform eport.
  • You will get access to further material and current information in our trainer area.


Target Group

  • Teachers and educators that want to work with the personalities of teenagers in schools and other educational institutes.
  • teaching students

Your trainers

Daniel Pineda – Your persolog Trainer,

Daniel Pineda – Your persolog Trainer

Daniel has worked for the last 15 years as a consultant and facilitator in the development of soft skills. He has certified more than 300 consultants from Latin America and the United States in persolog Personality Profile in the last three years. For Daniel it has always been illogical how professional training is focused exclusively on hard skills, when soft skills are the ones that allow most people to be successful in what they do

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