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Sales training with personality

Selling with Personality

Salespeople feel best when they can apply their own selling style and behavioral pattern. This does not relate to all customers, though. The most successful seller is the one who succeeds in adapting his behavior to the customer’s needs. How to do this is the focus of this seminar.

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Certification for the persolog® Personality Factor Model, experience as a sales trainer.


Learning Targets

The focus of this qualification is on the application and consolidation of the knowledge about the persolog® Personality Factor Model for Salespeople.
On the basis of a Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual you will be introduced into the communication process of sales talks.
You will reflect about the strengths and limitations of salespeople. You will learn more about the preferred selling style of salespeople and reflect about and recognize the buying style and need of customers. On the basis of a self-evaluation you will learn to do business successfully with difficult customers.
You will learn exercises and get to know approaches how to train your participants in sales.



  • The Quadrant Model in sales
  • Recognizing needs of customers
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Behavior-related dos and don’ts
  • Preparation of customer talks with the Customer-Client-Coach Planner
  • Drawing up a behavior-related initial presentation for cold acquisition
  • Working out a communication strategy for phone calls with the Planner for Telephone Conversation.


  • You will learn to shape and promote sales processes with the help of the behavioral tendencies.
  • Special participant’s material will enable you to proceed in a structured way.
  • An experienced sales trainer and consultant will link theoretical and practical aspects.



Exercises and case studies proven effective in real life; with the use of presentations the theoretical background of the Models will be introduced and consolidated; role plays; feedback from speaker and group; intense exchange of experiences.


Target Group

Trainers and consultants certified for the persolog® Personality Factor Model who train salespoeple, key account managers, sales directors and sales representatives.

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