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Leading with Personality

Upgrading management trainings

Leading with Personality

Managers’ ability to perform mainly depends on their own self-leadership skills and of their ability to lead employees. By building solid relations and shaping the working environment of the staff their motivation and skills can be optimally used and increased.

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Certification for the persolog® Personality Factor Model, experience as a sales trainer.


Learning Targets

You will learn how leadership personality and leadership skills are connected.
You will learn to assess your employee’s behavior on the basis of the four behavioral dimensions dominant, influencing, steady and cautious. You will get to know our instruments as modules for efficient leadership. You will learn how the persolog® Personality Factor Model improves your perception and your ability to understand connections and make decisions. You will increase your leadership skills and be given specific ideas and suggestions for the conception and implementation of a management training.



With the persolog® Personality Factor Model towards more leadership skills.
On the basis of the seven discovery steps of the persolog® Personality Factor Profile you will be working on the following topics:

  • Self-Leadership skills
  • The “ideal” employee
  • The importance of company culture
  • Expectations regarding leadership personality
  • Drafting a Personality Factor Profile as leader
  • Background of personal leadership behavior
  • The context of “managing”
  • The context of “personal convictions”
  • Integrated leadership behavior
  • Integrated reflection
  • Reducing stress
  • Assessing employees
  • The behavioral dimensions and the motivation of staff
  • Applying the persolog® Job Perception Inventory and the persolog® Management Performance Planner



  • You will learn how to implement the persolog® Personality Factor Model in the training with managers in a target-oriented way.
  • You will obtain comprehensive material and a Facilitator’s Manual –
    the necessary basis for your preparation as a trainer.
  • You will obtain different learning instruments for your management trainings in order to guarantee a solid transformation of learning performance.
  • In two days theoretical and practical aspects will be linked by an experienced Master Trainer.



Presentation of case studies and exercises proven effective. Presentations will consolidate the background of the behavioral dimensions. Practical exercises, short videos and feedback by speakers and participants. Exercises and an intense exchange of experiences will top off the methodology.


Target Group

Trainers certified for the persolog® Personality Factor Model in management development, coaching, career development.



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