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His passion for developing soft skills

When he had his first responsibility as a leader of a technical team, in an insurance company, he discovered that he was going to need a lot of skills to achieve the objectives of the team. Unfortunately, those skills should come from what his intuition. At that time, nobody had told him clearly what it means to be a leader and how he should carry it out. He was lucky and the team's results came through, but he wasn't sure why he had achieved it.  A few months later, he would have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on interpersonal skills with DISC, that day everything became clear, he began to understand what soft skills were.


A couple of years later, he was trained as a consultant in DISC and later he started to train consultants on how to use this methodology to develop leaders, to improve teamwork, to decrease conflict and appreciate diversity in work groups, to train sales and customer service teams and to help other to improve communication, among many other applications that DISC gives us.


Something very particular with his experience as a consultant, working with other consultants and executives, is that all people (without exception and after having trained thousands of people) were absolutely satisfied with what they learn and the experience itself, as well as they understood easily the concept and know how to apply it in their daily lives, personal and professional. This made him passionate about the DISC concept.


He has worked for years with multiple methodologies, tools and different types of consultants from different cultures and countries.

"DISC is by far the best tool for developing soft skills.”


During his career, Daniel has worked in different areas of knowledge and industry, from the health sector to the financial sector, as well as in research and consulting. In addition, he has experience as an entrepreneur in the publishing world, where he has also authored scientific articles and publications on topics related to science and sports. Daniel now wants to associate this varied experience with the development of soft skills in different areas of the industry, in the North American market.


Daniel worked as a consultant for more than 12 years in Latin America and was responsible for developing, training and certifying a wide network of consultants in the region. Additionally, he was for more than 5 years the Director of the HPI office in Colombia where he positioned the organization as one of the best companies in consulting and organizational development in the country. From there he led the creation of offices in other countries.