Develop Organizations
through People!

Our partner in the United States: HPI

Giving Our Clients the Wings They Need to Soar

Human resource personnel are faced with challenges today as never before. Employee retention, employee engagement, talent acquisition, management development and leadership training are testing the HR skillset in ways that were unthinkable 30 years ago.
This is why we use our past experience to solve today’s human resource training and development needs, while also looking ahead to the future.
At HPI, we help solve leadership development and human resource training needs. Our key offerings lie in four main areas.

  • Individual and Team AssessmentsUnbenannt
  • Training and Development
  • Coaching
  • Management Consulting


We believe that a solution should have science behind it to drive performance, growth or other desired results in front of it. We develop our own solutions as needed, and also partner with other organizations such as persolog.
The HPI headquarters is in California, with branch locations in Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Brazil. In addition to HPI’s consulting services, HPI’s HR Tools Division distributes Human Resource products and assessment tools for talent development in the U.S. and elsewhere throughout the world.