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Become your own time manager

12.11.2018 Ina Rothfuß 0
Become your own time manager

The day hasn‘t even started – yet it is already over. What remains is a pile of tasks. Many employees regularly experience this feeling. A lot of times, personal time-management proves to be the problem. To improve your time-management, all you have to do is follow 7 simple steps and become your own time manager! You are going to learn about these 7 steps in today’s issue.


7 steps to more effective time management

To create new time habits and achieve better timing, these 7 steps should be followed:

  1. What are long-standing habits I would like to change or eradicate? Define old, time-consuming routines.
  2. Which are new time habits I wish to develop? Define them precisely.
  3. Write a list of individual steps you intend to take to successfully change your time habits.
  4. Compile a second list and fill it with steps to avoid old habits.
  5. Consider who to ask for support to make sure your new time habits are actually put into practice. Explain to them what you would like them to do to help you achieve your goal. Be as precise as possible.
  6. Make sure to check your progress on a regular basis – regardless of whether you track it online or work with an offline scheduler.
  7. You successfully changed an old behavior pattern? Reward yourself!

The persolog® Time-Management Profile allows you to carefully examine your personal time habits. Use it to identify and evaluate both your time-consuming routines and your individual capabilities in all things time-management. Benefit from the analysis by deriving your new time-management strategy from the data and avoid time shortage and stress in the long run.


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